The Every Day Carry Self-Defense Bracelet and Instructional Series...
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"It just makes sense.  It's the one simple 'tool' that is ready for me when I need it... and it just looks cool too."
Matt Bryers
Co-Founder of EDC Self-Defense
Simple Solution & Design... 
Modern Self-Defense Tool
Paracord Self-Defense Bracelet with simple design features that make it easy to use when you need it; while looking good wearing it.
The Every-Day, Modern... 
Self-Defense Tool.
In this violent modern world, men & women need a simple self-defense tool that gives you the ability to escape the worst situations, and end the encounter quickly.
They just look cool... 
and gives you the confidence and ability to survive.
How could you not love the way these look!?  Start designing your own to create your own custom stylish look.
Designed to Survive the Worst Encounters.  When your life is on the line, you need a simple solution.
Nothing is scarier than fighting for your life.  When your life or the lives of those you protect are at risk, you need something NOW that gives you the simple ability to survive.
Quickly Learn... In mere hours... how to deploy, counter-attack and finish your attacker with the:
What's Included in the SURVIVAL SKILLS PACK?
  • 10 EDC Self-Defense Techniques​- Learn how to use the EDC Bracelet and look cool doing it.
  • Attack Defense - Use the EDC Bracelet to defend against hits, grabs, takedowns, and weapons.
  • Essential Strikes - Learn the simple striking drill that distracts, lashes, and creates opportunities to escape or... finish.
  • Setups & Controls​- Develop the skills to control and subdue your opponent without unnecessary force. 
  • Ground Combat - Use the EDC Bracelet to make ground combat vicious, easy, and survivable.
  • Life or Death - When you're surprised, overwhelmed and your life in on the line - learn the simple techniques to control, submit, break, and choke.
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Developer | Instructor
Developer | Instructor
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