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What You're Going To Find Inside This Free TRITAC Online Course...
TRITAC is a framework and methodology for developing truly instinctual combat skills.  Learning 'how to fight' isn't just learning a series of moves, it's learning how they work in real combat.  This is where TRITAC as a 'system' is unique.  

Custom tailor your fighting skill-set that fits your body type, age and natural instincts.  But, it all starts with an Intro Course.  Once you understand the basics, then it's time to hone your fighting skills to have the confidence to truly... Fear No Man.
  •  "Oh Shit Defense" Using your natural instincts, develop an "Oh Shit Defense" that gives you to confidence to deal with any punch, grab, kick or attack.
  •  Develop Combat Flow Real combat isn't just learning a bunch of single techniques.  You need drills that instinctually teach you how to 'flow' from defense, response, attack and finish.
  •  How to get and maintain lazer-focus self defense awareness... the MOST important aspect of self defense.
  •  TRITAC Training Library Explore over 35 videos on techniques, drills and classes on striking, grappling, MMA and combatives.
  •  Skill Focused Training Develop combat skills in areas that you want to improve in, or areas that fit your body, age and 'fighting framework'.
About Your Instructor
Matt Bryers is a TRITAC Co-Founder / Coach, BJJ Black Belt, Japanese Jujitsu Black Belt, MMA Coach & Strength Coach Who Has Taught His Combat Methods To Over 2,000 Local Students, Police Officers, & Military.  His approach to combat is simple, effective and empowers all his students to have the ability to 'FIGHT' - no matter what situation they are in.

Featured Instructors
  •  Sean Jugler: TRITAC Co-Founder, 7th Degree Japanese Jujitsu Black Belt, BJJ Blue Belt 
  •  Mike Simon: TRITAC Co-Founder, KFM Black Belt, Defence Lab Black Belt, BJJ Purple Belt
  • John Leabo (ret.*): TRITAC Co-Founder, KFM Black Belt, Defence Lab Black Belt, BJJ Purple Belt... Too much to mention.
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