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Rapidly Grow Your Combat Skills,
Find New Students/Training Partners,
& Get 1-on-1 Coaching With The New....
Rapidly Improve Your Combat Skills. Find New Students / Training Partners & Get 1-on-1 Coaching With The New....
Become One Of The First TRITAC Tribe Leaders
New GroupStarts On Friday, November 1st 2019
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Note: ONLY Accepting 10 Tribe Leaders at this time
The Tribe Leadership program is designed for those who are looking for more out of martial arts than just a hobby.

The Tribe Leadership program builds professional martial artists who want to discover and learn the TRITAC methods; and share (teach) them with training partners / students.

This programs shows leaders the right path to integrate the TRITAC Framework into their existing martial arts skills through online coaching, training templates and video review.
Rapidly Increase Martial Arts Skills
Get More Students / Training Partners
Dedicated Training Plans & Curriculum(s)
1-on-1 Coaching & Support
ALL TRITAC Courses & Training Programs
Get Full-Access to everything TRITAC.  You'll get all of the existing TRITAC courses, curriculums and training plans - but also any future releases.

These courses give you the framework to learn for yourself as well as teach others.
1-on-1 Martial Arts Development & Business Coaching
One of the most difficult challenges with martial arts training is having a "path to success".  Martial Arts is a big world, you need a guide.  This is why we have a Sensei, a Sifu, a Coach, etc.  We need someone to show us the path, what to do, what to focus on, and fix their problems ... even the ones that they didn't know they had.  
You also need someone to hold you accountable.  If you don't 'show up', you're not just letting yourself down, you're letting you teacher down.  
Working with Matt Bryers, you'll ensure that you're going to find your path and be held accountable to achieving the next level... in martial arts and/or business.
Get New Students & Training Partners With TRITAC Marketing
One of the absolute hardest things to do when you're just starting your own Tribe group or opening a school is finding someone to train with.  
This is where TRITAC Marketing and Support come in.  With over 12 years of building schools and helping instructors find students, we have a proven way to get you people to teach and train with.
You'll be listed in our TRITAC Network as a Tribe Leader, including marketing pages that generate new students / training partners.
Technical Video Review (Get Ranked)
Each month, you have the opportunity send us a video review of your progress for critique and certification.  We offer our fundamentals certification rank online.  

We will provide you with the necessary techniques to video, review them, provide suggestions and create paths to success for you.
Weekly Live Classes & Coaching Calls
Every Saturday at 12PM, starting November 2nd 2019, we will conduct a live video class.  During this class we will train certain flows as well as address any questions or curiosities.

Every month, you'll also have a coaching call with Sensei Matt Bryers.
Custom Training Plans For Rapid Combat Skills Development
It is very challenging to start anything new without a plan.  It's like showing up the gym with no idea what you are going to do and just end up doing a few reps of curls then hitting the treadmill.  This is essentially a lost opportunity to get better.

With the Tribe Leadership program, you're going to get custom training plans and tips to get you good... quickly.
While you are a member of the Tribe Leadership Program, you'll get 50% off all of our TRITAC Training Camps and 10% savings on TRITAC Gear.
  • Get Started For Only $99
  • Evaluate The Program For 3 Months & Save!
  • Get 2-Months Free!
When does the program start?
The program kicks off on Monday November 2nd 2019
Am I a Certified Instructor?
No. Unless you have actually tested with one of the TRITAC Co-Founders, you are not a certified instructor.
Can I charge for classes?
That is up to you, but in the beginning we suggest no.  When you work with Matt, he will help you find the best options.
What happens if I already teach / train another martial art?
That's great! Bring your experience with you!
How Can I get RANKED?
In order to get officially ranked, you must test in front of one of the TRITAC Co-Founders for blue belt and above.  For our Fundamentals Certification, you can test online via video review. You must complete a certain criteria first becoming ranked.

TRITAC Fundamentals Certification:

Most complete ONE of the following:
• TRITAC-Jitsu Fundamentals Course / Flows (Demo & Explanation of Technique + 3 Flows)
• TRITAC-Unarmed Fundamentals Course / Flows (Demo & Explanation of Technique + 3 Flows)
• TRITAC Combatives Fundamentals Movements / Flows (Demo & Explanation of Movements + 3 Flows)
As well as:
• 2 Rounds Technical Sparring
• 2 Rounds of Bad Guy Sparring

TRITAC Blue Belt Requirements:
The first serious rank in TRITAC. A blue is a tough and determined combat-focused martial artist. He/She possess legitimate and powerful fighting skills and the spirit of a warrior.

Most complete TWO of the following:
• TRITAC-Jitsu Fundamentals Course / Flows (Demo & Explanation of Technique + 3 Flows)
• TRITAC-Unarmed Fundamentals Course / Flows (Demo & Explanation of Technique + 3 Flows)
• TRITAC Combatives Fundamentals Movements / Flows (Demo & Explanation of Movements + 3 Flows)

As well as:

• 3 Rounds Technical Sparring
• 3 Rounds of Rolling
• 3 Rounds of Bad Guy Sparring
What’s a TRITAC Leader and TRITAC Certified Instructor?
A Tribe Leader is not necessarily a Certified Instructor, but could be.  A Tribe Leader is essentially a "training partner" who leads (and participates) his fellow partners through warm-up, technical practice, drills, etc.  Your partners should know that you are in this with them. Remove the concept of "rank" and just worry about improvement.
We have training plans and templates for you to use as an leader that will show you how to train and teach.
What Are People Saying About TRITAC?
"The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets"
"TRITAC training is more than a fighting style, it’s a realistic mindset. It allows a person to train their body and mind transforming him/her into a more confident and aware individual. The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets. Being a student, I am better able to protect myself, my family, and the public. It is another tool that I have added to my arsenal."

Michael B.
Federal Agent, Department of Homeland Security
"The TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill"
"Having always been interested in taking up a Martial Art, I started training TRITAC with very little experience. Now almost seven months in, I have to say I could not be happier with my choice. John Leabo, Matt Bryers, and the TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill. They are very good at what they do and even better at Instructing."

Michael P.
New York City Police Officer
"I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive"
"I’ve been training online in TRITAC-Combat Grappling for a few months now and I must say I’m really impressed. I’ve been doing martial arts for over 10 years and I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive. It’s literally impossible not to learn by all the resources they have put available."

David H.
TRITAC-Grappling / TRITAC-Striking Student
"Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective"
"As a police officer I take my training seriously. For me its a matter of life and death. Having studied almost every martial art available, I found most were missing something. They lack realism. They lack multiple threat engagements. They lack true effectiveness. TRITAC is the answer for these concerns. Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective. John Leabo has given me the skill, knowledge and confidence to survive the streets night after night. I believe in John’s teachings and methodologies of urban survival. He is a modern day 'Doctore,' a trainer of gladiators."

Peter B.
Sergeant, New Jersey Police
"I have gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son"
"The TRITAC Martial Arts Systems are just cool! I have lost over 25lbs just training, but most importantly I have gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son. It's also just a lot of fun to train and learn! I have tried other martial arts before, but never saw anything this effective."

Justin D.
TRITAC-Grappling Student
ONLY 10 Qualified Applicants Will Be Considered.
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