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The Fundamentals Of TRITAC-Grappling: Fighting Techniques, Tactics & Concepts to Defend Yourself, Protect Others, and Dominate the Worst Street Encounters with Jiu-Jitsu
"The Flows make it so easy to learn. They just 'make sense' and feel natural. I never thought Jiu-Jitsu could be this easy."
Andrew Broner
TRITAC Student
Our Combat Grappling Fundamental Courses Are Designed For You:
Martial Arts Students
Greatly enhance your training in Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, SAMBO, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Silat, Keysi Fighting Method, Defence Lab, Filipino Martial Arts and more.
Remote Training
Get access to personal instructors when there are no martial arts gyms in your area.

Law Enforcement
Learn proven reality-based self-defense techniques from instructors who train members of local law enforcement daily.

Are you currently serving or have served in the military? Learn from our proven reality-based self-defense techniques.

Complete Beginners
Thinking about exploring the world of self-defense but don't know where to begin? Our training courses are designed for all levels of experience with a focus on the use of natural body movements to learn simple yet extremely effective techniques.
Who Are The Minds Behind TRITAC Martial Arts?
You will learn from 3rd Degree Kobukai Ju-Jitsu Blackbelt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt, and TRITAC Co-Founder, Matthew Bryers.
Matt Bryers is a Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, a 3rd Degree Kobukai Ju-Jitsu Blackbelt and Co-Founder of the TRITAC Martial Arts.

He has been training BJJ, Japanese JuJitsu, Combative Martial Arts, TRITAC Martial Arts, Defence Lab, Kyoksuhin Karate, Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, and many other martial arts for over 25 years.

Matt is also a strength and conditioning coach his academy. He is a Certified: Poundstone Performance Strongman Instructor, TRX Instructor, DVRT Instructor, and Kettlebell Instructor.

Matt has competed in many wrestling, submission grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, amateur Strongman tournaments and professional mixed martial arts fights.

Matt currently focuses on sharing his passion for martial arts and strength training at his Academy in Cromwell, CT... The Cage JSA.  
"Teaching martial arts isn't just a passion, for me it's my whole life. I've dedicated years to developing and refining the TRITAC Framework & Methodology and have taught students from all over the world. TRITAC isn't just a static skill-set, it's a continuously evolving system for effective self-defense using reality-based scenarios."
- Matthew Bryers, Co-Founder of TRITAC Martial Arts
Our TRITAC Co-Founders:
Mike Simon
TRITAC Martial Arts Co-Founder,
TRITAC Instructor
Sean Jugler
TRITAC Martial Arts Co-Founder,
TRITAC Instructor
John Leabo
TRITAC Martial Arts Co-Founder,
TRITAC Instructor
Our TRITAC Influencers:
Diogo “Moreno” Araujo
TRITAC Instructor
Soul Fighters BJJ
Vladislav Koulikov
Sambo Fusion
"The Mangler"
UFC Fighter
UFC Fighter
Russ St. Hilaire 
Kobukai Jujitsu
Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa
Soul Fighters BJJ
Combat Grappling System
TRITAC-Combat Grappling is a Modern Sport & Street Grappling System that focuses on 4 grappling-based skill-sets: throws & takedowns, escapes & counters, combat guard and submission fighting.

It is influenced by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Wrestling. Our founders have black belts in BJJ and Japanese Jujitsu, as well as strong experience in submission wrestling and MMA.

Training focuses on the “flow of combat” – which is essential in the grappling arts. The integration and blend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling creates a unique and highly effective grappling system that grows, evolves and lives within those who train it.

Escaping & Countering is one of the MOST important skill-sets you need to learn as a grappler.
  • GETTING BACK TO YOUR FEET: One of the most important skills to have in Grappling is the ability to get back to your feet at anytime.
  •  COMBAT GUARD RECOVERY: If you’ve been taken down and can’t get back to your feet easily – you need to be able to fight from guard – or you suffer the consequences of being flattened and submitted.
  •  SIDE CONTROL ESCAPES: One of the absolute worst positions to be in is in bottom side control. Escaping side control is one of the most important escaping skills you will need as a TRITAC Grappler.
  •  MOUNTED ESCAPES: Being pinned on the bottom mount position is a terrifying and “urgent” position. Learn simple, yet effective solutions and skills to defend this position and escape before “you get caught”.
  •  KNEE ON BELLY ESCAPES: In TRITAC we view the knee on belly positions as one of the most mobile and dynamic attacking positions. We focus on the concepts and techniques that just work to escape this formidable spot.
  • BACK CONTROL ESCAPES: Getting someone’s back in Jiu-Jitsu is considered an EXTREMELY dangerous spot in MMA. Understanding the concepts of escaping back control are paramount.
  •  SUBMISSION DEFENSE & ESCAPES: Every submission has a weak point. Learn the principles of taking advantage of those weak points and escape from the worst submissions.
ALL fights start on your feet – if you can’t fight standing – you can’t fight.
  •  ENTRIES, SETUPS & CONTROLS: In TRITAC the “entry” and setup is everything. Without it, the takedown doesn’t work against a real fighting opponent.
  •  WRESTLING ATTACKS: Wrestling is arguably the best “takedown system” for MMA and all-around grappling. Wrestling attacks “make sense” and provide many opportunities for submissions and superior control.
  •  LEG SWEEPS & TRIPS: Leg sweeps & trips – commonly found in Japanese Jujitsu and Judo are very simple, quick & dirty ways of getting your opponent to the ground. You will learn a variety of sweeps and trips that can be setups from a variety of different ways.
  •  HIP THROWS: Who doesn’t love big-ass hip throws! There’s nothing cooler to pull off than hitting a huge throw that ends the fight. In TRITAC many of our throws come from Japanese Jujitsu along with Sambo / Judo.
  •  SACRIFICE THROWS: Sacrifice throws are at times risky – but also high reward. When dealing with an opponent who is pressuring you, or is bigger and stronger, or just gives you the right opportunity – a well timed sacrifice throw can change the scope of the fight instantly into your favor.
  • TAKEDOWN DEFENSE: The ability to STOP the takedown is just as important as the ability to get the takedown. You’ll learn a variety of different concepts and takedowns that teach you to stop the takedown and then set up one for yourself.
  •  AIKI-JITSU TAKEDOWNS: Aiki-jitsu is a sub-set of Japanese Jujitsu that is know for it’s brutal small joint manipulation and controls – such as wrist, elbow and shoulder locks. Many of our submission and joint attack principles come from the concepts found in Aiki-jitsu. The thought process is – just learn to attack from anywhere with anything that is available.
BJJ taught us the concept of “Guard” – In TRITAC we employ the “Combat Guard” and teach you to defend, recover, sweep, wrestle (from guard), and hunt submissions.
  •  4 MAJOR COMBAT GUARDS: In TRITAC all of our guard fighting comes from 4 major variations of the Combat Guard Principle: Scissor Guard aka “Combat Guard”, Grounded Combat Guard, Butterfly Guard and Half-Guard. If Guard fighting is “your thing” we strongly suggest supplementing your TRITAC training with BJJ.
  •  GUARD ESCAPES: Each guard has it’s own exit and escape strategy, but if you employ the Combat Guard Principle correctly – you’ll find it easy to get back to your feet.
  •  GUARD SWEEPS: Guard Sweeps are like throws on the ground. They are arguably the most important skill-set you can learn from guard. You will learn a variety of different sweeps from each guard variation that we use.
  •  GUARD PASSING: Dealing with an opponent who has a strong sweeping or submission based guard is a frustrating and scary position to be in. In TRITAC we have very specific concepts and techniques that making passing the guard effective without thought or hesitation.
  •  GUARD WRESTLING: Many of our setups, controls, attacks and movements are based upon the movements in wrestling. You will learn how to use the movements and concepts that you already know and apply them to the Combat Guard.
  • GUARD SUBMISSIONS: The Combat Guard can be a highly effective submission-based guard fighting system. Based upon your guard movements, you’ll find submission opportunities everywhere.
TRITAC focuses on the “finish” – we’re not here to count points or “lay and pray” – TRITAC emphasizes movement for the “hunt” of the finish.
  • WRIST LOCKS: Wrist locks are quick, “dirty” and highly effective.  Most pure BJJ people get a little bit upset at wrist locks; they almost consider it cheating. In TRITAC… F*ck that.  If it works, we’re using it.  Wrist locks work and are EVERYWHERE.
  • ELBOW LOCKS: Elbow locks aka “arm-bars” are one of the most popular and most natural attacking joint from top control (side, knee on belly, or mount).  There are a variety of different techniques, but you’ll learn the overall concepts of how to attack the elbow so that you can hit an elbow lock from anywhere.
  •  SHOULDER LOCKS: The shoulder joint is one of the most powerful joints to attack. Not only can you submit your opponent a variety of different ways – but a good shoulder lock gives you a tremendous amount of control over your opponents “structure”. Learn not only how to attack and submit with shoulder locks, but also how to manipulate and control your opponent.
  •  CHOKES & CRANKS: Attacking the neck with chokes or a neck crank gives you complete dominance and power over your opponent. His/her life is in YOUR hands. “With great power comes great responsibility.” In TRITAC you’ll learn the major attacks for chokes commonly found in Jiu-Jitsu; but also learn some of the more “nasty” submissions found in Catch Wrestling.
  •  KNEE BARS: In TRITAC, we love attacking the legs. Although the knee-bar is one of the most common leg attacks – in TRITAC we focus on the entry and setups that give you ultimate control and power over the knee to submit.
  • FOOT LOCKS: The foot-lock game is a very modern and dynamic submission attacking game. It could almost be a whole system within TRITAC itself. We attack the feet a lot because they are sometimes the “low hanging fruit”. Can’t pass the guard … “FUCK IT GO FOR A LEG LOCK” ~ JOHN DANAHER
Our training videos are designed to be an easy to follow learning tool, with clear instructions shown from multiple angles so that the knowledge is easily passed on to you.
TRITAC-Combat Grappling Lessons
x8 In-Depth Flow Lessons
The flow lessons breakdown down each individual component on the flow.Since this is Combat, not sport - we start with a defense against a punch, grab or preemptive response. From the attack we teach you how to Defend, Smash & Enter with Power, and take them to the ground.... and finish.  
TRITAC-Combat Grappling Video Library
Get Instant Access to Over 40 Training Videos
We leave no question unanswered... You'll receive an insane amount of videos to help you develop your skills and understand the concepts.  

It would be IMPOSSIBLE NOT to learn from this course.
Interact with these bad-asses!
TRITAC-Grappling Community
Instructor Q&A | Private Community
Real learning requires support from instructors and fellow students.  What makes Soul Fighters different, is that we're here for you!  We want to make sure that you're learning and developing the right way.
Sorry, can't disclose the secrets in the bonus lessons--you'll just have to find out yourself!
The importance of training outside the gym as well as visualizing techniques:
It's important to supplement your training with visualization when you are away from the gym. As you know, it takes continuous
practice to become proficient in self-defense. TRITAC uses natural body movements and mechanics, which is why it is so simple to
learn and extremely effective. The more you train, practice, and visualize techniques, the faster these movements will become
instinctive -- a reflex that you won't have to think about, you will just react.

Our training videos give you what you need to visualize techniques and keep them fresh in your mind. You can access the instructional videos from anywhere in the world instantly at any time.
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The American military is the best trained military in the world; better than the Russian military or the Israeli military or any other military. They ensure that their soldiers practice the most effective form of unarmed self defense. That is why H2H American Self Defense will bring you the most realistic, versatile and effective personal protection program in the world. But you don't have to be a soldier to learn! H2H has been adapted for the general public. View the manual and watch the techniques, and you will see the difference between watered down systems and a true personal protection system.
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What Are People Saying About TRITAC?
"The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets"
"TRITAC training is more than a fighting style, it’s a realistic mindset. It allows a person to train their body and mind transforming him/her into a more confident and aware individual. The style is both realistic and animalistic, just like the streets. Being a student, I am better able to protect myself, my family, and the public. It is another tool that I have added to my arsenal."

Michael B.
Federal Agent, Department of Homeland Security
"The TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill"
"Having always been interested in taking up a Martial Art, I started training TRITAC with very little experience. Now almost seven months in, I have to say I could not be happier with my choice. John Leabo, Matt Bryers, and the TRITAC Team are fantastic Instructors with incredible enthusiasm, patience and skill. They are very good at what they do and even better at Instructing."

Michael P.
New York City Police Officer
"I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive"
"I’ve been training online in TRITAC-Combat Grappling for a few months now and I must say I’m really impressed. I’ve been doing martial arts for over 10 years and I’ve never seen a system this comprehensive. It’s literally impossible not to learn by all the resources they have put available."

David H.
TRITAC-Grappling / TRITAC-Striking Student
"Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective"
"As a police officer I take my training seriously. For me its a matter of life and death. Having studied almost every martial art available, I found most were missing something. They lack realism. They lack multiple threat engagements. They lack true effectiveness. TRITAC is the answer for these concerns. Training is dynamic, aggressive and is 100% street effective. John Leabo has given me the skill, knowledge and confidence to survive the streets night after night. I believe in John’s teachings and methodologies of urban survival. He is a modern day 'Doctore,' a trainer of gladiators."

Peter B.
Sergeant, New Jersey Police
"I have gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son"
"The TRITAC Martial Arts Systems are just cool! I have lost over 25lbs just training, but most importantly I have gained confidence in my ability to defend myself, my wife and my son. It's also just a lot of fun to train and learn! I have tried other martial arts before, but never saw anything this effective."

Justin D.
TRITAC-Grappling Student
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TRITAC-Combat Grappling Fundamentals
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