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The TRITAC-Jitsu system makes fighting with Jiu-Jitsu easy!
Matt Bryers,
Co-Founder: Soul Fighters Academy | TRITAC-Jitsu
"Thank you for checking out TRITAC-Jitsu!  I've prepared a special video documentary about TRITAC-Jitsu and the Online Academy.  Give it a look and I look forward to training with you! Osss."
About "TRITAC-Jitsu" Student Academy
Learn How to Fight using Jiu-Jitsu and Discover a NEW way to Learn, Develop, Train and Experience Martial Arts.

Not only will you “Learn How to Fight” – but you’ll Discover Yourself -and- Unlock Your Potential as a Martial Artist with REAL Combat Martial Arts Training.
TRITAC-Jitsu Video Presentation

[1] The Evolution To TRITAC-Jitsu

Learn about the Evolution, Founders, and why TRITAC-Jitsu was born

[3] Combat Jiu-Jitsu vs Sport BJJ

We love and train both!  But is one better than the other?  Does it matter?

[1] Be Water My Friend

Why you must always learn, train, TEST and Evolve as a Martial Artist.

[4] 'SECRET' of Learning Martial Arts

How you must train to learn, discover and evolve as a martial artist.  
What You'll Learn
  • MOVEMENT & BODY MECHANICS - If you can’t move, you can’t fight. Understanding footwork, body mechanics, and Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals is vital for success.
  • SMASH & ENTER - Learn to “smash & enter” from a variety of attacks to enter into close-quarters combat range to setup controls, takedowns, throws and finishers (breaks, chokes, etc.).
  • COMBAT STRIKING  - In TRITAC-Jitsu we focus on developing and using our most devastating weapons: elbows… lots of elbows, knees, headbutts, hammer fists, kicks and more. Develop the ability to use your whole body as a weapon.
  • THROWS & TAKEDOWNS Learn throws and takedowns from Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Wrestling to takedown opponents from “entrances” utilized in TRITAC Systems
  • FIGHT-ENDERSLearn to control, submit, break, choke, KO… from any position. You will develop the power of control over your opponent and yourself.
  • SELF-DEFENSE ESCAPES, REVERSALS & CONTROLSSelf-Defense is such an overly use word. When you learn to FIGHT – self-defense is only a piece of the puzzle. You’ll learn “self-defense” easily. It’ll just HAPPEN. Basic Jiu-Jitsu IS Defense. We show you how to escape from the worst positions, situations and how to defend yourself and loved ones. It’s just ” Combat Jiu-Jitsu”.
  • GROUND DEFENSE & ESCAPES  - Learn to defend yourself on the ground using TRITAC principles with Jiu-Jitsu controls & escapes.
  • GROUND REVERSALSLearn how to reverse positions on the ground to end-up superior position. Fight-Enders: learn submission holds, joint locks, chokes and more. 
  • GROUND & POUNDLearn the brutally effective Ground & Pound techniques from UFC Fighters and TRITAC-Unarmed 
  • TRITAC-AIKIJUTSUTRITAC-JITSU has roots in Japanese Ju-Jitsu, which is known for the highly-effective approach to small-joint manipulation. You will learn how to manipulate, control, restrain and break your opponent’s body using art of Aikijutsu and the TRITAC Systems.
What's Included?


Access Fundamentals and Specialty training courses in our TRITAC-Jitsu System.  

You'll also get bonus courses and lessons from TRITAC-Unarmed, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jiu-Jitsu for MMA.


Our Lessons and Training plans are the key to your success. Without a plan and a our Scientific Process of learning… you won’t learn it… nor develop it… nor be able to use it.


Get instant access to over 100+ videos in our training library.  Technical Breakdowns, Training Drills, Class videos, Insights, PRIVATE Instructors training videos and more!


Combat is an art of Flow. Understand how to think, move and react in Combat. Flow develops instinct. Instinct = POWER. Our process shows you step-by-step how to flow in combat.

INSTRUCTOR Q&A | PRIVATE Training Community

Access our PRIVATE Training Community to get additional videos, resources, and training information.  You can also interact directly with our Instructors and Co-Founders: Matt Bryers & Sean Jugler for personal support.


The Soul Fighters Online Academy can be accessed easily via laptop, tablet or phone.  There's no excuses not to train and learn!  
Training Options
Billed monthly, cancel any time
  • INSTANT Access to Over 100 TRITAC-Jitsu Videos (Flows, Technical Breakdowns, Drills, Insights & More!)
  • 4+ NEW Lessons Every Month (New Lessons added weekly)
  • 6-WEEK TRITAC-Jitsu Fundamentals "Flow" Course ($47.99)
  • PRIVATE Training Community Access
  • x1 TRITAC Martial Arts  3-Day Development Camp (12x a year)
  • Ability to test for rank after 3 months (ONLY at Development Camps)
Billed yearly, save $75
  • INSTANT Access to Over 300 TRITAC-Jitsu Training Videos
  • 6-WEEK TRITAC-Jitsu Fundamentals "Flow" Course ($47.99)
  • PRIVATE Training Community Access
  • x1 TRITAC Martial Arts  3-Day Development Camp (12x a year)
  • Ability to test for rank after 3 months (ONLY at Development Camps)
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