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Imagine if you had ONE resource that you:
Know, Trust & Respect to Answer All Your Grappling Problems ... Without Searching Through the "Clutter"...  How Quickly Would You Improve? 
Discover new techniques and concepts from positions you know; find new ways to attack, defend and escape; enhance your existing skills with variations of techniques and counters to counters to counters.
"Man... I wish I had this when before I was a black belt. It would have helped my game so much.  Definitely using it now!
Oz Pariser: BJJ  / KJJ Black Belt
"I had a really hard time learning escapes and defenses in the beginning and still now haha.  But the UGP gave me many different escapes, especially from side, that I don't worry about it anymore.
Aaron Greenberg: BJJ Blue Belt
"Thanks to UGP I feel much more confident in my guard sweeps and takedown game.  I was good passer, but now my other skills are coming around too!
Sveenja Jufferenbruch: BJJ Brown Belt
Ultimate Grappling Pack Overview
The UG.PACK gives you the Power of "Focused Discovery"
It is that ONE resource that you go to...
Quickly Develop Your ability to "Grapple" aka GRAPP-ABILITY
Who Is The UGP For?
The UGP is really designed for those who are experienced grapplers or martial artists.  If you have no experience, we suggest joining your local BJJ or MMA school first before diving into the UGP.
Experienced Grapplers
If you are already an experienced grappler, then look no further for getting your all your grappling solutions.  
Forget buying expensive DVDs only to get a handful of techniques.  Access over 400+ techniques instantly.
Other Martial Artists
If you train in another martial art and looking to increase your grappling ability - the UGP is a great place to start.  
From fundamentals of grappling to advanced techniques, you'll have all you need to develop new grappling skills.
MMA / Combatives
MMA athletes and those who train combatives need simple, efficient and trusted solutions to combat.  
The UGP provides targeted skill development for any fighter looking to develop skills and/or solve problems.
What's Included In The UGP?
With Over 400+ Techniques to Discover, Learn & Develop - It would be IMPOSSIBLE to not level-up your Grapp-ability.
How To Defend, Escape & Counter The Worst Positions.
If there is one skill every grappler needs, it is the ability to escape & counter the worst positions.
  • Escape Dominant Positions: Finally get out of side control and other bad spots with ease.
  • Defend Submissions: Learn simple concepts to defend submission attempts from everywhere.
  • Develop Counters: Don't just escape, but learn to use the escape to your advantage 
Develop Efficient & Powerful Takedowns
All fights may END on the ground, but they all START standing.  Learning the takedown game is vital to be a truly well-rounded grappler.
  • Develop Wrestling Skills: Wrestling style takedowns are the perfect compliment to BJJ
  • Integrate Judo Throws: Big throws end fights.  Learn how to set them up and toss your opponent.
  • Setups & Grips: The most important aspect of being successful in your takedowns is proper setup and control.
Develop A Ruthless Guard With Never-Ending Sweeps & Subs
The guard is such a vital aspect of grappling.  It's what changed the world in the first UFC.  You don't need to have a world-championship guard, but you can't really grapple without it.
  • Develop Powerful Guard Sweeps: There's nothing more satisfying then a well-excited sweep
  • Develop Submission Flows: Chain your guard subs together to become an relentless attacker.
  • Guard Retention: Never get your guard passed with these essential skills.
Learn The Grappling Skills For MMA That You Won't Learn In BJJ.
If you can't grapple in MMA, you're asking to get your ass-kicked.  Grappling is the ONE tool you need for MMA
  • Learn MMA Takedowns: Develop skills to strike, enter and takedown your opponent.
  • Develop Cage / Wall Combat Skills: The cage is a tough spot to fight from, learn how to use it your advantage.
  • Ground & Pound / Finishes: Learn the best ways to use ground and pound, as well as submission finishes.
The UGP Never Stops Growing!
Every week we add 5-10 new videos to the UGP that will help you continue to grow in your skills as the UGP grows with you.
  • New Techniques: Each week we add new techniques to the UGP.
  • New Instructors: We have TONS of instructors who are chomping at the bit to get involved!
  • Never Ending Learning: As you grow, the UGP grows with you.
Sign-up for the UGP today and instantly get access to over 400+ videos, techniques, tips, tricks and concepts that will level-up your Grapp-Ability TODAY.
- $197 -
How Can The UGP Help You?
  Want to be a competitive MMA or BJJ Athlete?  The UGP is designed for you in mind.
  Looking to discover new attacks from positions you like?  For example, more half guard attacks or takedowns from overhook control or...?  The UGP has all of that!
  End confusion and stupidity with solid solutions to your grappling problems.
  Develop new skills.  Explore the UGP to find new techniques & abilities.
How Easy Is The UGP To Use?
  Explore by area, skills and techniques
  Course-base navigation to check off what you know, and bookmark what you're working on.
  Fast, easy video delivery.  
  Watch of PC, Laptop, Tablet or phone.
  Everything organized in one simple dashboard!
Meet Your Instructors
Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa
BJJ World Champion
Vlad Koulikov
BJJ & Judo Black Belt, Sambo Master of Sport
Matt "The Mangler" Bessette
BJJ Black Belt | Pro MMA Fighter
Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes
BJJ World Champion | UFC Fighter
Matt "Sensei" Bryers
BJJ / KJJ Black Belt, 25+ Years Grappling
Many More Included / Coming
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens after I register ?
You will be send an email to login and get instant access to the Ultimate Grappling Pack.
How do I know these techniques will work?
The biggest difference with the UG.PACK compared to other online training resources is that you are not just learning from ONE Professional; you're learning from 10+! These techniques are from Grappling "Masters", World Champions, World-Class Instructors and Self-Defense Experts.
Is the course guaranteed, can I ask for refunds ?
Yes, if you are unsatisfied at any time, we will issue you a refund, no questions asked.
Where do I go upon finishing the course ?
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Sign-up for the UGP today and instantly get access to over 400+ videos, techniques, tips, tricks and concepts that will level-up your Grapp-Ability TODAY.
Only $197
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